Laptop screen does not always show images as they really are: the brightness of the laptop can go up and down, the colours may be with tints of red or green, etc. In this case all you need is to set up your monitor or, to put it in simpler words, laptop calibration.
If you do not know how to set up the laptop monitor, you made the right decision when you decided to visit our website.
The specialists of INKSYSTEM Company will carry out laptop calibration and build individual profiles for your laptop.
ICC-profile is a special file, which is built into the operating system. It allows you to achieve natural and qualitative printing. The program «Monitor Test» is used to set up your laptop screen. It gives the opportunity to set up a laptop thoroughly and accurately, to adjust the monitor brightness, contrast, focusing and sharpness.

Service cost:

Service description Price in US Dollars
Monitor calibration of all types of portable computers ("laptops") PC / Mac*

* The service is performed to calibrate laptop in the office and out of it.

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